How it works

As a Subscriber, you will receive our selections each day around 9-10:30 am

As our Selection criteria are very narrow, we will have some days without selections. I think you agree that it is better to have no selection than widen the selection criteria for the sake of posting a selection that has a lot less chance of winning.

Placing a bet

All you have to do is place the EW (each-way) bet on the selections. Then wait and see how your betting bank is growing. There are a couple of betting rules that follow each day's email with the selections. This is to keep our system true and more accurate.

You can use any online bookie, we use Betfair, so we can get a transparent point count for the stats page, however, you are free to use anyone.

If you're still not sure about our tipping service, you can try it for free first, we offer a 7-day free trial to all new members. Just go to our Membership page for more information!